Home Again Store di Paola Amato

Who we are

My name is Paola Amato and in 2011 I founded my creative space to which I gave the name of Home again. My daily challenge is to continuously evolve by listening to the needs of the market in general and those of my customers in particular.

Having behind a family that since 1926 has always made the home and furniture its main interest and having always breathed the "good taste", I have made my space to put at the service of customers everything over the years I have I could learn by filtering it through my eclectic personality.

Every single collection proposed is the result of a real search for style and creativity in order to offer a selection of versatile and at the same time design products.

Home Again today asserts itself as a proposal for a new concept of home intended as a better expression of itself, as an extreme personalization of one's habitat, as a philosophy of daily living.

The house, a space where each object tells its story, each one different from the other, and from the set of those thousand voices a single intense harmony is born.

Hence the proposals that range from furniture to furnishing accessories, from objects to tables, from fabrics to lighting, all with a single basic motif ...

... make your home a mix of comfort and design, functionality and beauty ... the most beautiful place to live.

Over the years the proposals have been increasingly enriched to leave room for ideas and projects completely different from the furniture.

A very successful experiment, always linked to "good taste" is the proposal of jewels made entirely by hand with semiprecious hard stones. Unique and customizable bijoux that bear the name of Stone again.

My commitment is to continuously search for new ideas and ideas to make the moment of purchase an engaging and exciting experience.

My aim is to offer the customer all my competence, professionalism and experience and make him a satisfied customer.